Monday, 16 January 2017

A is for Apple Vol 2

Volume 1 of "A is for Apple" to be reprinted, and vol 2 comes.
Volume 2 of the book series "A is for Apple" is due out in April, and for latecomers, a small run of Vol 1 will also be printed. Volume 2 was supposed to cover all of 1969-1970, however the contributors have sent in so much material, that they have had to limit the book to the first three months of 1969 - and expand the series with further volumes. This volume will cover the filming and recording of the "Let It Be" documentary in January, a world discography of the "Yellow Submarine", "Is This What You Want?" (Jackie Lomax), "Post Card" (Mary Hopkin) and several more albums and singles. You will also read new interviews with Apple people especially for this project. "A is for Apple Vol. 2" will be printed in a limited edition of just 1,000 copies. Along with the book, a vinyl disc will be included, contents are not yet revealed. The same applies to the reprinted Vol 1, where a new vinyl record will accompany it, but not the same disc as the first time around!

Link: A is for Apple

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Vinyl sales doubled in the UK

Oldest in the Top 10: Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967). Illustration: Outtake photo by Michael Cooper.
The British Phonographic Industry just released the figures for the 2016 music sales, and the sale of vinyl LPs have now reached the 1991 level. Here are the top sellers:

1) David Bowie: "Blackstar" (2016)
2) Amy Winehouse: "Back To Black" (2006)
3) Various Artists: "Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix 1 (soundtrack, 2014)
4) Radiohead: "A Moon Shaped Pool" (2016)
5) Fleetwood Mac: "Rumours" (1977)
6) The Stone Roses: "The Stone Roses" (1989)
7) Bob Marley: "Legend" (compilation, 1984)
8) The Beatles: "Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band" (1967)
9) Prince: "Purple Rain" (1984)
10) Nirvana: "Nevermind" (1991)

The Official Charts Company reports that the sale of vinyl albums in Great Britain have increased by 53 per cent since the previous year, and in 2016 this was 3,2 million copies. It's the highest figure in Great Britain in 25 years, but vinyl still counts for just 2,6 per cent of the total music sales. Bowie's "Blackstar" sold more than twice as much as last year's vinyl chart topper, Adele's "25". Outside of the Top 10, "Abbey Road" was The Beatles most popular vinyl album seller, at 26.

Sweden 1967

The Flower power year: Paul and George in Sweden.
14th October 1967, George Harrison and Paul McCartney went to Sweden to visit the Maharishi at the hotel where he was staying in Falsterbo, a seaside resort in southern Sweden near Malmö. They made the trip to persuade the Maharishi to stop using The Beatles' name as PR for himself. Swedish Television recently aired "Året var 1967" ("The Year Was 1967"), where they touched upon the subject and showed these photos.

Paul and George with the Maharishi in his hotel room.
A couple of Beatles in town of course caused quite a bit of commotion, fans would gather and Swedish Television sent a camera team to interview the two of them together with the Maharishi.

Interviewed by Swedish Television.
You can find some more photos here, and the TV programme "Året var 1967" is available on web TV. Of course, it's all in Swedish except for the interview with the Englishmen.

In the section about the visit from the Maharishi, a Swedish woman who was a young girl at 22 in 1967 reveals that she fell in love, and became the Maharishi's lover for two years. She accompanied him on his travels, but when she discovered that he also courted other young, sweet western girls, she decided that she didn't want to be part of a harem, and left.

A young female freelance journalist with Paul and George in the Maharishi's hotel room.
The girl depicted above is not the girl in the story. Peter Brown accompanied Paul and George on this trip to Sweden. A few more photos from the trip can be found on that eventuality. One story from the visit is that George and Paul were refused entry to a restaurant because they weren't wearing ties. Which was great news for the Tunneln Restaurant, which is where they ended up.

Monday, 2 January 2017

Welcome to 2017

Wiping the slate clean for 2017. Illustration: Jeff S. Levy
2016 was a tough year for Beatle people. During the final weeks, we mourned the likes of Sam Leach, Carrie Fisher, George Michael and Allan Williams. These were just the last ones in a line of deaths of prominent people from The Beatles history, which included The Beatles' press agent Tony Barrow and producer Sir George Martin in the past year.

On their way to Hamburg: Allan Williams, his wife Beryl, Lord Woodbine, Stuart Sutcliffe, Paul, George and Pete Best.
John Lennon couldn't be bothered to step out of the car. Photo: Barry Chang.
I met Allan Williams in 1985, at the first Beatles convention here in Norway. He brought some very interesting things, like original photos and contracts from the early days. He also brought along a film about Mersey Beat, which he screened from a movie projector. He kept coming to Norway on an annual basis for a while, always fond of a wee drink and becoming more and more red faced as the evening went on - and the language got juicier. In 1989 and 1992 he brought Pete Best with him. On one of his trips to Norway he was supposed to bring Bob Wooler, but Wooler fell ill before they were going. I met Williams in Liverpool too, on a couple of occasions. He kept going on about some leather trousers of Paul's which he insisted that he had paid for, and Paul still owed him money for them. The last time he came to Norway was in 2003, and he was still a very colourful fella with great stories. Rest in peace.  Allan Kozinn wrote a good obituary of Williams in the New York Times.

Let's hope this trend doesn't continue in 2017, and that we are allowed to keep our Beatle people for a while longer. On the final day of the year, the website announced the first concerts for 2017 in the ongoing One on One tour. These will take place in Japan at the end of April. Before that, Sir Paul will have released the archive edition of his 1989-LP, "Flowers In The Dirt". So a new studio album from Paul is perhaps too much to ask for in between?

Paul himself celebrated the new year by appearing unannounced at a concert in St Barts, where he is having a holiday. Along with The Killers, Paul sang Paul on a version of the old Beatles song, "Helter Skelter". A bit weird to see him perform with just a microphone and no instrument!

Ringo celebrated the new year by making public his support for American football team Alabama after their 24-7 victory over Washington in the Peach Bowl. The old Arsenal supporter seems to have gone all-American.

Ringo celebrating Alabama
Later, Ringo and his wife Barbara Bach tweeted this photo, wishing their followers a happy New Year. We're not sure about why he is holding up an egg, but don't we recognise the shirt from the 1992 All Starr Band tour?

Back to the egg?

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Upcoming George Martin bio

Coming in August 2017 - part one of a new George Martin biography
Kenneth Womack is a scholar and a Beatles author who has previously written a few books on the group:  "Long and Winding Roads", "The Cambridge Companion to the Beatles", "The Beatles Encyclopedia", and "New Critical Perspectives on the Beatles". He is currently working on a 2-part biography on George Martin for Chicago Review Press. The first volume will be published August 1, 2017, titled "Maximum Volume: The Life of Beatles Producer George Martin, The Early Years, 1926–1966". It will be 336 pages and will be published in a hardcover.

From the Publisher: In the first book of its kind, "Maximum Volume" offers a glimpse into the mind, the music, and the man behind the sound of the Beatles. George Martin’s working-class childhood, his education, and his musical influences at London’s Guildhall School of Music and Drama profoundly shaped his early career in the BBC’s Classical Music department and as head of the EMI Group’s Parlophone Records. These musical influences would become the fount out of which flowed the genius behind his seven years producing the Beatles’ incredible body of work, including such albums as "Rubber Soul", "Revolver", "Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band", and "Abbey Road". 

The first of a two-part series, "Maximum Volume" traces Martin’s early years as a scratch pianist, his life in the Fleet Air Arm during the Second World War, and his groundbreaking work as the head of Parlophone Records during the 1950s, when Martin saved the company from ruin after making his name as a producer of comedy and spoken-word recordings.

In its most dramatic moments, "Maximum Volume" narrates the story of Martin’s unlikely discovery of the Beatles and his painstaking efforts to prepare their newfangled sound for the British music marketplace. As the story unfolds, Martin and the band craft numerous Number 1 hits along the group’s progress towards The Ed Sullivan Show and such landmark songs as "Yesterday" and "In My Life"—Beatles tunes that bear Martin’s unmistakable musical signature.

Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Beatles promoter Sam Leach dies

Roger Stormo and Sam Leach, 2008.
Sam Leach, a well known name in Liverpool's early Beatles history died last night in the arms of two of his children, following a brief hospitalisation. Sam's daughter Samantha posted this on Facebook today:

Our dad passed away this morning peacefully in the arms of my sister and brother. Although we knew he wasn't well it's still left us shocked and truely deverstated as we didn't think it would happen so fast. He is such a legend as you all know a true warrior, dads words "Never give up and never give in" ....and he never did. Sleep tight dad. Samantha xxx

Sam was a promoter of dances and concerts in and around Liverpool in the early sixties. A champion of The Beatles, booking them for many of his events, Sam wanted to become their manager at one point. He attempted to introduce The Beatles to London agents by promoting shows at The Palais Ballroom in Aldershot on 9 December 1961. The show was not advertised properly and, as a result, only 18 people attended. The local newspaper, The Aldershot News, failed to publish Sam Leach's advertisement for the show. Weeks after this Brian Epstein became the group's manager.

Paul McCartney with Sam Leach
Sam remained friendly with the Beatles after they had left Liverpool, and published the pictorial "Beatles on Broadway" in many countries around the world in 1964.

Norwegian edition of Sam's picture magazine from 1964
Paul McCartney used to invite Sam backstage whenever he returned to give concerts in the hometown. Sam wrote a book about his days as a maverick dance promoter, "The Rocking City", and he used to sell photos from his Beatles days from a table in The Grapes, a pub opposite the Cavern Club in Mathew Street. Sam also attended Beatles conventions in other countries.

This year, a documentary film about Sam Leach, The Sixth Beatle premiered at the Toronto international film festival, with Sam in attendance. Sam was 81 when he passed away. Rest in peace.

Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Petition to add a disc to Flowers in the dirt

Figure of Eight - one of many constellations of the single.
After the track lists of the new archives edition of Paul McCartney's "Flowers in the dirt" have been published, fans have launched an online petition to add another physical disc to the set.

Link to petition 

Previous archive editions have added single B-sides to the physical discs, but "Flowers in the dirt" deviates from this policy by having these tracks available as downloads only.
Russian fan Evgeny Sokolov created the petition and writes: "We, Paul McCartney fans, are extremely disappointed by the fact that the forthcoming reissue of the classic album Flowers In The Dirt by Paul McCartney will include some great tracks (b-sides, remixes, alternate versions) only as download. The price of the deluxe set is high enough and those who buy those expensive sets deserve actual CD's (and) not downloads".

Paul Sinclair from also weighs in on the subject in an open letter to Paul.

Here are the tracks in question:

1. Back On My Feet * - originally the B-side of "Once Upon A Long Ago" in 1987
2. Flying To My Home * - originally the B-side of "My Brave Face"
3. The First Stone - originally the B-side of "This One"
4. Good Sign - originally a track on the 12" single of "This One"
5. This One (Club Lovejoys Mix) - appeared on a limited UK 12-inch promo single and was released afterwards on a commercial 12-inch single paired with “Figure Of Eight” and only released in very limited quantities in the UK, Germany and France.
6. Figure Of Eight (12” Bob Clearmountain Mix) - from the 12" single 12R6235
7. Loveliest Thing * - originally a track on the CD single CDRS6235
8. Où Est Le Soleil? (12” Mix) - originally on a 12" single
9. Où Est Le Soleil? (Tub Dub Mix) - originally on a 12" single
10. Où Est Le Soleil? (7” Mix) - originally the B-side of "Figure of eight" 7" single
11. Où Est Le Soleil? (Instrumental) - originally a dance club promo only
12. Party Party (Original Mix) - originally a one sided single included in the "World Tour Pack"
13. Party Party (Club Mix) - originally a promo disc for club DJs only.

* The 1993 remastered edition of "Flowers In The Dirt" was part of what was then called The Paul McCartney Collection and the disc contained three bonus tracks which are now to be released as downloads only: "Back on My Feet", "Flying to My Home" and "Loveliest Thing".

Paul McCartney released a myriad of singles for "Figure of Eight" back in 1989, and collectors had a hard time finding them all at the time:
  • Parlophone R6235 - 7"
  • Parlophone RDJ6235 – DJ 7" single
  • Parlophone 12R6235 – 12" single
  • Parlophone 12RS6235 - 12" limited edition single
  • Parlophone 12RX6235 - 12" limited edition single
  • Parlophone CD3R6235 - 3" CD single
  • Parlophone CDRS6235 – 5" CD single
R6235 - Figure of eight (5:16) / Ou est le soleil? (4:50)

The A-side is remixed by Bob Clearmountain. The B-side has a remix by Shep Pettibone. The original track was only available on the CD version of “Flowers in the dirt”

RDJ6235 - Figure of eight (3:59) / Ou est le soleil? (3:57)

This release is a special DJ mix. Both versions are edited compared to the official release. Not commercially available.

12R6235 - Figure of eight (5:16) / This one (Club lovejoys mix) (6:10)

12" single. The B-side is not only a remix but a completely new version with different lyrics.

12RS6235 - Figure of eight (5:16) / Où Est Le Soleil? (4:50)

Same material as the 7” single, but on this 12” limited edition pressing, the image from the front of the sleeve is etched into the disc on the B-side.

12RX6235 - Figure of eight (5:16) / Où Est Le Soleil? (7:10) / Où Est Le Soleil? (tub dub mix) (4:30)

12" single. Two different mixes of "Où Est Le Soleil?". A third, instrumental mix was to be found on a special promotional 12" single released to dance clubs only.

CD3R6235 - Figure of eight (5:16) / Rough ride (4:54) / Où Est Le Soleil? (7" mix) (4:50)

A special 3-inch CD single. "Rough ride" is a remix only available here and on the 1990 2CD Japan special edition release of "Flowers In The Dirt".

CDRS6235 - Figure of eight (4:04) / The long and winding road (Lennon/McCartney) (3:53) / The loveliest thing (3:59)

This release had a new track "The loveliest thing".

"This One" was another single from the album, released in quite a few configurations:
  • Parlophone R6223 – 7" single
  • Parlophone RX6223 - Limited edition 7" pack
  • Parlophone 12R6223 - 12" single
  • Parlophone 12RX6223 - Limited edition 12" single
  • Parlophone CDR6223 - CD single
R6223 - This one (4:10) / The first stone (McCartney/Stuart) (4:03)

The regular 7" single

RX6223 - This one (McCartney) (4:10) / The long and winding road (Lennon/McCartney) (3:50)

Limited edition boxed set containing 6 postcards and a 7" single. The Beatles track taken from the recording of the "Put It There" video cassette special.

12R6223 and CDR6223 - This one (4:10) / The first stone (McCartney/Stuart) (4:03) / I wanna cry (4:40) / I'm in love again (Domino/Bartholomew) (2:40)

Released on a 12" single as well as on a CD single.

12RX6223 - This one (4:10) / The first stone(McCartney/Stuart) (4:03) / Good sign (6:52)

Another 12" single.

"Party Party" appeared this way:

Parlophone R6238 - 7" one sided single
Parlophone CD3R6238 -3" CD single
Parlophone 12R6238 - 12" DJ promo

R6238 and CD3R6238 - Party party (P.McCartney/L.McCartney/McIntosh/Stuart/Whitten/Wickens) (5:36)

This single was not available on its own, but was added as a bonus disc when buying the "Flowers in the dirt - World tour pack" on either vinyl or CD.

12R6238 - Party party (original mix) (5:36) / Party party (Bruce Forest club mix) (6:27)

Promo pressing only released to club DJs.

"Où Est Le Soleil?"
  • Parlophone 12SOL 1 - 12" DJ promo single
  • Parlophone 14 2034136 12" Italian single
  • Capitol V15199 - 12" USA single
Où Est Le Soleil? (7:10) / Où Est Le Soleil? (Tub Dub mix) (4:30) / Où Est Le Soleil? (Instrumental mix) (4:30)

The Parlophone promo was only pressed in a few hundred copies aimed at club DJs, but the Italian release was available all over Europe.

Link to petition

Paul McCartney has responded positively to Russian requests in the past. In 2008, a survey on a Russian Beatles fan site concluded that the song most fans wanted Paul to include on his set list was a track from the "Band on the run" album, "Mrs Vandebilt" - which had been a hit in the Soviet Union. Paul responded by rehearsing the song and included it in his set list when he played a free concert in Kiev that year, saying in Ukranian: "We were asked to do this". The song remained in his set list for years after that, as it proved to be one of the non-Beatle songs fans could sing along to.

Also planned for download only release are the following cassette demos:
1. I Don’t Want To Confess
2. Shallow Grave
3. Mistress And Maid

The Archive edition of "Flowers In The Dirt" is due out March 24, 2017 - below are Amazon links for preordering:

Paul McCartney Flowers In The Dirt Deluxe Edition (3CD 1DVD)
Paul McCartney Flowers In The Dirt Special Edition (2CD)
Paul McCartney Flowers In The Dirt Double LP

Thursday, 15 December 2016

Track lists for Flowers in the dirt

Planned for March 24: The Archive edition of Paul McCartney's "Flowers in the dirt".

• Deluxe 3 CD + DVD Numbered Edition
• 18 bonus audio tracks across 2 discs, featuring previously unreleased demos with Elvis
• Original B-sides, remixes and single edits, plus 3 previously unreleased tracks from a
cassette demo (download only)
• Remastered at Abbey Road Studios
• DVD featuring all of the music videos from the album, the ‘Put It There’
documentary and 3 new edits of unseen archive material
• Also includes a 112 page essay book, 32 page notebook of Paul’s handwritten lyrics
and notes, 64 page photobook featuring the music videos for ‘This One’, 32 page
Linda McCartney exhibition catalogue
• Plus downloadable high-resolution audio (Disc 1, 2, and 3)

1. My Brave Face (2017 Remaster)
2. Rough Ride (2017 Remaster)
3. You Want Her Too (2017 Remaster)
4. Distractions (2017 Remaster)
5. We Got Married (2017 Remaster)
6. Put It There (2017 Remaster)
7. Figure Of Eight (2017 Remaster)
8. This One (2017 Remaster)
9. Don’t Be Careless Love (2017 Remaster)
10. That Day Is Done (2017 Remaster)
11. How Many People (2017 Remaster)
12. Motor Of Love (2017 Remaster)
13. Où Est Le Soleil? (2017 Remaster)

1. The Lovers That Never Were (Original Demo)
2. Tommy’s Coming Home (Original Demo)
3. Twenty Fine Fingers (Original Demo)
4. So Like Candy (Original Demo)
5. You Want Her Too (Original Demo)
6. That Day Is Done (Original Demo)
7. Don’t Be Careless Love (Original Demo)
8. My Brave Face (Original Demo)
9. Playboy To A Man (Original Demo)

1. The Lovers That Never Were (1988 Demo)
2. Tommy’s Coming Home (1988 Demo)
3. Twenty Fine Fingers (1988 Demo)
4. So Like Candy (1988 Demo)
5. You Want Her Too (1988 Demo)
6. That Day Is Done (1988 Demo)
7. Don’t Be Careless Love (1988 Demo)
8. My Brave Face (1988 Demo)
9. Playboy To A Man (1988 Demo)

Original B-sides, remixes and single edits:
1. Back On My Feet
2. Flying To My Home
3. The First Stone
4. Good Sign
5. This One (Club Lovejoys Mix)
6. Figure Of Eight (12” Bob Clearmountain Mix)
7. Loveliest Thing
8. Où Est Le Soleil? (12” Mix)
9. Où Est Le Soleil? (Tub Dub Mix)
10. Où Est Le Soleil? (7” Mix)
11. Où Est Le Soleil? (Instrumental)
12. Party Party (Original Mix)
13. Party Party (Club Mix)
Cassette demos:
1. I Don’t Want To Confess
2. Shallow Grave
3. Mistress And Maid

Amazon links:

Paul McCartney Flowers In The Dirt Deluxe Edition (3CD 1DVD)
Paul McCartney Flowers In The Dirt Special Edition (2CD)
Paul McCartney Flowers In The Dirt Double LP

MQS SD - The Newest Physical Music Format

The Beatles 1 - in a new physical format
A new physical format is on it's way, and The Beatles "1" album is available in this high resolution format, called MQS SD, which in fact is a micro SD card. Explore further on the video below:

Wednesday, 14 December 2016

Flowers in the dirt announced on Amazon

Planned for March 24: The Archive edition of Paul McCartney's "Flowers in the dirt".
Amazon has announced the Archive edition of Paul McCartney's 1989 album "Flowers in the dirt". A Deluxe edition, containing 3 CDs and 1 DVD and a Special edition of 2 CDs, as well as a double vinyl album are listed.
Originally planned for release in 2016, the album was delayed following McCartney having left his previous record label Hear Music/Concorde for Capitol Records.
At the time of the original release, "Flowers in the dirt" was considered a major return to form, and earned him some of his best reviews in years. The album made number 1 in the United Kingdom and Norway and produced several hit singles (the first being "My Brave Face"). It also marked a return to concert touring for McCartney. His last tour was the December tour of 1979 with Wings, now he embarked on a World tour as a solo artist. Starting in Drammen, Norway, the Paul McCartney World Tour opened on 26 September 1989 and featured concerts in North America, Europe, Japan and Brazil until the following July.

New vinyl edition has two LPs and mp3 downloads.

After the meagre sales that greeted the 1986 album "Press to Play", McCartney realised that he needed to work much harder on his follow-up. Thus, he not only teamed up with several different producers, but also spent the better part of 18 months perfecting "Flowers in the Dirt". A highlight of the sessions was McCartney's productive alliance with Elvis Costello, with whom he composed many new songs. In his 2015 autobiography, "Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink", Costello described the track "That Day Is Done" as, "the unhappy sequel to "Veronica"", which they had also co-written. McCartney greatly enjoyed the new partnership, even finding that Costello mirrored John Lennon in certain aspects of his personality. Costello would also appear on the album, even co-singing "You Want Her Too" with McCartney. Another celebrity guest included was his friend David Gilmour from Pink Floyd, who plays the guitar on "We Got Married". On "Put It There", McCartney used an old Buddy Holly trick, the knee-percussion, that McCartney recorded on the same day as the backing track. Elvis also persuaded Paul to bring back his trademark Höfner bass guitar, both for recording the album and on tour. The bass guitar had been retired since Paul's Beatle days, but he must have enjoyed playing it again, it still remains an icon in his stage presence.

Single: "My Brave Face" and the non-album track "Flying To My Home"
In May 1989, the Beatlesque "My Brave Face" was released as a single and promptly gave McCartney a US hit, reaching number 25, while reaching number 18 in the UK. In June, "Flowers in the Dirt" was released to high anticipation and immediately entered the UK charts at number 1, garnering very positive reviews from all around. In the US, the reaction was better than "Press to Play", with the album reaching number 21, staying on the charts for a year and going gold, though it still sold beneath expectations. The second single, "This One", also reached number 18 in the UK. The follow-ups "Figure of Eight"/"Où est le Soleil?" and "Put It There" would all be minor UK hits.

Special edition: 2CDs

The album cover artwork was photographed by Linda McCartney. The background canvas was painted by the British artist Brian Clarke, who was also responsible for designing stage backdrops for the world tour.

12" single featuring three remixes of the track "Ou est le Soleil?"

In an interview with the Washington Post in July 2016, Paul McCartney revealed that the non-inclusion of any "Flowers" tracks on his recent "Pure McCartney" compilation was due to the Archive edition being on the horizon.

Paul was then asked by the interviewer, "Will it be released in its entirety? There are all those songs you wrote and recorded with Elvis Costello, many of them not officially released," to which Paul responded: "That’s one of the real exciting things. Those demos. We’re releasing them as part of this package. I’m not sure I’m supposed to be telling you this. . . . It’s great that you’re a fan of "Flowers in the Dirt". Cause you’ve got a real nice release coming out. We showed it all to Elvis, and he was just tickled pink."

Unconfirmed from the industry is that the set includes 21 demos, 61 tracks all in all (music and video), plus paper material in the form of at least one 112 page book and several other booklets etc.

Original album track listing:

1. My Brave Face
2. Rough Ride
3. You Want Her Too
4. Distractions
5. We Got Married
6. Put It There
7. Figure Of Eight
8. This One
9. Don't Be Careless Love
10. That Day Is Done
11. How Many People
12. Motor Of Love
13. Ou Est Le Soleil (bonus track on cassette and CD editions)

Earlier re-releases
World Tour Pack

- A limited-edition "World Tour Pack" of "Flowers in the Dirt", sold in a facsimile trunk, was issued in Great Britain and Europe in October 1989, and America (with British catalogue numbers) in January 1990. The set included a bonus single of "Party Party" (mixed by Bruce Forest and released on a one-sided 7" single in vinyl editions of the "World Tour Pack" and a 3" CD-single in compact disc editions of the "World Tour Pack").

Japan 2CD edition (1990)
 - In March 1990, another limited edition of the album that featured a bonus disc was released exclusively in Japan and re-entered the country's chart.

Track list of CD2:

1. "Message" – 0:28 - an environmental message from Paul to the Japanese fans.
2. "The Long and Winding Road" (Lennon–McCartney) – 3:51 From the video "Put It There".
3. "Loveliest Thing" – 3:59
4 "Rough Ride" – 4:53
5. "Ou est le Soleil (7" Mix)" – 4:50
6. "Mama's Little Girl" – 3:41 - an outtake from the 1972 "Red Rose Speedway" sessions.
7. "Same Time Next Year" – 3:06 - an outtake from the 1979 "Back To The Egg" sessions.
8. "Party, Party" (McCartney/Linda McCartney/Robbie McIntosh/Hamish Stuart/Chris Whitten/Paul "Wix" Wickens) – 5:35
9. "P.S. Love Me Do" (McCartney–Lennon) – 3:40 - The studio version of the combination of two of The Beatles songs owned by MPL Communications. The live version is found on the "Birthday" CD single.

1993 Remastered CD
- A remastered CD was released in 1993.

Bonus tracks:
"Back on My Feet" – 4:24
"Flying to My Home" – 4:15
"Loveliest Thing" – 3:58

Amazon listings:

Paul McCartney Flowers In The Dirt Deluxe Edition (3CD 1DVD)
Paul McCartney Flowers In The Dirt Special Edition (2CD)
Paul McCartney Flowers In The Dirt Double LP

Earlier DeLuxe releases in McCartney's Archive series:

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

New plan for family archive at Friar Park

Crackerbox Palace. Friar Park, Henley-on-Thames
Olivia Harrison, the widow of Beatle George Harrison wants to build an archive at the home they shared for 30 years.

Mrs Harrison has applied to South Oxfordshire District Council, the planning authority, for permission to remove temporary storage and utility units at Friar Park and erect new buildings.

The development would include an archive building for the storage of family papers and objects which are currently stored in “unsuitable conditions” in various places around the estate.

The building would measure 20m by 8m and include accommodation for an archivist.

The application is a revision of plans for which Mrs Harrison was granted planning permission in 2014 but has not yet implemented.

It says: “Since that time thoughts about the planning of the site have evolved, particularly in the way that the garden landscaping might be resolved in this area, which impacts on the layout of the proposed and consented buildings.

“There is now a strong desire to reconnect lost garden routes and to remove a proliferation of later access roads and hard-standing areas, especially closer to the historic buildings.

“For this to be achieved, a revised layout is required but one which also seeks to preserve as much of the historic garden structure as well as the presently protected trees.”

Mrs Harrison also wants to relocate the estate security and accommodation for night staff. The estate is obliged to operate a 24-hour security operation 365 days a year.

In 1999, Harrison was attacked after a man broke in and stabbed him seven times before his wife knocked out the intruder with a poker.

High security around Friar Park was put in place following the attack.

The plans also include new ancillary stores, gardeners’ sheds, staff welfare facilities and machinery/car park storage plus an additional garage for the storage of three vintage cars which are currently stored off site.

The district council will make a decision by January 16.

Source: The Henley Standard

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Peace & Love: The Life & Times of Ringo Starr

This teaser trailer caused a lot of speculation on social media, because nothing was found to confirm that this was indeed a documentary in the making. Nothing on imdb or elsewhere. But managed to find the man behind the teaser trailer, Noven Jaisi. In an exclusive email exchange with the website, Jaisi explains that this is a documentary he would like to make, but he has not had any success in contacting Ringo. Now that he has gone public, we hope that contact will be made, and that his project can come to fruition.


Thursday, 1 December 2016

Harrison vinyl boxed set

Two picture discs included with the boxed set.
This post has been updated with new information after it was first published. As previously rumoured, a George Harrison vinyl collection is going to be available individually and as a boxed set. The set has a release date of  February 24, 2017 - just in time for what would have been Harrison's 74th birthday. The collection has still not been officially announced, so we are quoting an anonymous source.

The collection consists of all George Harrison's LPs (except the live album "Concert for Bangladesh", which is a various artists album anyway), which means that the "All Things Must Pass" triple album and the "Live in Japan" double album are included. Exclusive to the boxed set are two picture disc singles not sold separately: a replica of the original "When We Was Fab" 12" maxi single and a new one for the song "Cloud Nine" (tracks to be confirmed). The latter is the same 7" as the Genesis Publications "I Me Mine" book bonus vinyl single (or EP).

An illustration of George Harrison albums.
George's first two albums, the experimental "Electronic Sound" and the movie soundtrack "Wonderwall Music", both released while Harrison was still in the Beatles, will also be part of the reissue programme. "Early Takes Vol 1" is currently readily available on vinyl and will not be included in the boxed set. Here's a list of the 13 albums in the box:
  1. Wonderwall Music
  2. Electronic Sound
  3. All Things Must Pass
  4. Living In The Material World
  5. Dark Horse
  6. Extra Texture
  7. 33 & 1/3
  8. George Harrison
  9. Somewhere In England
  10. Gone Troppo
  11. Cloud Nine
  12. Live In Japan
  13. Brainwashed
  14. +
  15. Picture disc When We Was Fab
  16. Picture disc Cloud Nine

This is all preliminary information, so details may change before the release. The two compilation albums "Best of George Harrison" and "Best of Dark Horse, 1976-1989" haven't made the list. Still these albums contain some material not available in the new collection, like the "Bangladesh" single version on the former and "Poor Little Girl" and "Cheer Down" on the latter.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

New TMOQ Gazettes

HMC 028
A couple of new releases in the TMOQ Gazette series of video bootlegs have been announced, according to Collector's Music Reviews. The two DVDs concentrate on in depth look at specific promotional films. The first of these examines "Hey Jude" and "Revolution".  The DVD features some Abbey Road rehearsal footage for the ‘Music’ documentary, the rehearsals for the promo video on the set of the David Frost show and more little extras all in superb stereo sound.

Front and back of the booklet shows it's a 1DVD/1CD release.

The documentary Music! - An experiment in television was released in 1968 and is a celebration of music in Britain, ranging from Tippett, The Beatles, folk clubs, brass bands right through to bell ringing.
The Beatles footage captures rehearsals for "Hey Jude", and was filmed on Tuesday 30th of July, 1968. The Beatles recorded takes 7 through to 25, though according to Mark Lewisohn, it was not The Beatles' intention to capture the perfect recording yet. But this session was arranged as more than a means of rehearsing "Hey Jude", it was also arranged so that the Beatles could be filmed for part of this documentary.
The resulting film only includes around six minutes of Beatles footage, compiled from several hours of shooting, showing The Beatles busking, chatting and rehearsing. The musical takes recorded during this session featured just piano, drums and acoustic guitar - so there was no role for George Harrison. Music! showed him in the control room of studio 2 with George Martin and Ken Scott.
"The film crew was supposed to work in such a way that no-one would realize they were there," recalls Scott. "But of course they were getting in everyone's way and everyone was getting uptight about it." Most of the footage used were from take 9 of "Hey Jude".

HMC 029

"Lady Madonna & Hey Bulldog" (HMC 029) examines the video from the recording session of "Hey Bulldog", which was utilised for the "Lady Madonna" promotional film in 1968, and re-edited to promote "Hey Bulldog" in conjunction with the 1999 release of "Yellow Submarine Songtrack", which featured new mixes of songs used in the animated feature film.  Further new edits on this bootleg release contain unseen material alongside "a compilation of studio outtakes, isolated tracks, demos and alternate mixes for both songs". A brand new edit of the filming session for the track clocking in at 20 minutes is a surprising feature.

Front and back of the booklet.

Thursday, 24 November 2016

Kenny and The Beatles on the radio

The late Kenny Everett
A new radio show about legendary and controversial radio DJ Kenny Everett and his relationship with the Beatles, presented by Paul Gambaccini, will be broadcast on BBC Radio 2 on the 21st December at 10pm.

Maurice James Christopher Cole (25 December 1944 – 4 April 1995), known professionally as Kenny Everett, was a British comedian, radio DJ and television entertainer. Everett is best known for his career as a radio DJ and for The Kenny Everett Video Show.

A fellow Liverpudlian, Kenny got on well with the Beatles. Everett had struck up a friendship with the Beatles and accompanied them on their August 1966 tour of the United States, sending back daily reports for pirate station Radio London. He was heard in May 1967 on the BBC's Light Programme previewing the Beatles' forthcoming album Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, and was one of the DJs on the new pop music station Radio 1 from its launch at the end of September 1967. He also produced The Beatles' 1968 and 1969 Christmas records, collages of odd noises, musical snippets, and individual messages.

Apple promo from Italy

One of his radio interviews with the Beatles was released on an Apple record in Italy, titled Una sensazionale intervista - a sensational interview. The 45 rpm single disc was part of a promotional Apple package, also containing discs from Mary Hopkin, The Iveys and Jackie Lomax. Side one contains part 1 which lasts 3:30 and side two contains part 2 which lasts 3:52. The interview begins with John singing "Cottonfields" and ends with the whole band singing "Goodbye" to Kenny Everett with much fun in between. Recorded during the recording sessions for "Don't Pass Me By", the interview was played in edited form on his show.

Paul Gambaccini said: "Kenny Everett was the greatest radio presenter of my lifetime. The Beatles were the greatest group. I hope that when we put them together the result is at least good! I have done several programmes about my old friend Kenny Everett before, but never one taking this angle. This is fascinating. I love to learn, and I have learned about one of my friends and heroes from working on this show."

Diagnosed as HIV positive in 1989, Everett died from an AIDS-related illness aged 50 in 1995.

The Radio 2 show, which will air at 10pm on December 21, also promises to reveal how Everett inspired lyrics to one of the Beatles' most memorable hits...we trust this will be done in the best possible taste.